Thank you for expressing interest in Grandparents Teach, Too, a nonprofit grassroots effort, trains grandparents, parents, and other caregivers to prepare young children for school and a lifetime of learning. All activities are based on national recommendations for the education of young children and use materials available in the home and community.

We are creators of a weekly column, magazine articles, lively and fun hands-on workshops and presentations, and new book Learning Through the Seasons. Weekly articles and activities are posted to our Blog, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest...join us there!


Grandparents Teach, Too: a non-profit organization is supported (not financially) by the Northern Michigan University Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, the NMU School of Education, and the Upper Peninsula (of Michigan) Children’s Museum , the Upper Peninsula of Michigan chapter of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the Upper Peninsula Of Michigan chapter of Parenting Awareness of Michigan.