Grandparents Teach, Too, a nonprofit grassroots effort, trains grandparents, parents, and other caregivers to prepare young children for school and a lifetime of learning. All activities are based on national recommendations for the education of young children and use materials available in the home and community.


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Thank you for expressing interest in “Grandparents Teach, Too,” a weekly column, magazine articles, lively and fun hands- on workshops and presentations, and new book Learning Through the Seasons for grandparents, parents, and other caregivers of  preschool children this morning.  

  ”Grandparents Teach, Too” and Learning Through the Seasons:

  • Presents easy, fun, and educational activities for young children using materials found around the home.
  • Presents activities based on the national standards for young children and helps prepare them for success in school and life long learning. However, the articles use every day language and a very readable format.
  • Produces 450 word articles that have appeared since 2009 in Michigan. They are written by four retired Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Colorado preschool and early child education and reading specialists and a current  Marquette, Michigan early elementary teacher.


With grandparents (baby boomers age 45-63) caring for 34% of young children,  “Grandparents Teach, Too” articles and Learning Through the Seasons  book help parents, grandparents, and other caregivers make a real difference in the lives of children they love while making their own lives less stressful.  Why?  Because they learn to create and manage productive fun and learning activities that keep active children interested and involved.

A recent educational study compared children entering kindergarten in 2008 with those in the 1950’s.  Children now have ONE HALF the vocabulary of those 1950’s children and that statistic is continuing through middle school. (High school was not studied.)

Fortunately, caregivers of preschool children can turn this around by doing these simple  “Grandparents Teach, Too” and Learning Through the Seasons activities using materials found around the home and community to increase interaction between adults and children. Each activity is carefully designed and beautifully illustrated by Mark Nowicki to increase vocabulary development so important for reading and school success.

The writers have over 300 articles published and a list of 600 ideas which grows almost daily with help from child care groups both public and private. 

Contact, Iris Katers, lead writer and founder:

Grandparents Teach, Too
15 Specker Circle
Marquette, MI 49855

Grandparents Teach, Too, a non profit organization is supported (not financially) by the Northern Michigan University Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, the NMU School of Education, and the Upper Peninsula (of Michigan) Children’s Museum , the Upper Peninsula of Michigan chapter of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the Upper Peninsula Of Michigan chapter of Parenting Awareness of Michigan.